The Journey Behind My Business


As I write this first official blog post, I'm overwhelmed with the thoughts and memories that flutter through my mind as I think about the journey behind Suddenly Simple Co. The struggles, the growth, the opportunity.

The story of Suddenly Simple Co began in May of 2016 when I decided that I wanted to start an Etsy shop with hand-lettered printables (mind you, I had never hand-lettered anything, EVER). I was looking for some sort of creative outlet aside from my 9-5 that I could work on throughout the nights and weekends. At the time my husband had just left for deployment and I had a long 7 months ahead of me. I thought Etsy would be a snap—boy, was I wrong. Let's just say it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to I gave that dream up and didn't expect for it to go anywhere.


A few weeks later, while attending my usual weekly yoga class, I got talking to my teacher about an awesome women's networking group that she was in and she invited me to come check it out. Since that day, and since meeting those amazing lady bosses, I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level and really figure out what I was passionate about. So, I set up some branding discovery calls with a business coach and that's when I figured out that my purpose was creating purposeful branding for solo entrepreneurs.



I won't lie, this new journey hasn't been the easiest. It's pretty tough balancing a full-time job and this new side-gig venture, but I love it. Another struggle comes from being a first time business owner and solo entrepreneur. 



Suddenly Simple Co has been such an adventurous journey full of growth. I had never imagined in a million years that I would have my own business and would be branching out. It was something that I never even thought of. When I was growing up I never thought to myself "hey, I should start my own business." But something magical happened in the last year that changed my life. And that is Suddenly Simple Co — It has been my joy and my purpose these last few months. It has pushed me way out of my comfort zone, pushing me to do things that I didn't know much about, aka, running a business! But what I've started to learn is that it takes time and that it's okay to grow slow. It doesn't have to be rushed or forced.



I have met so many amazing people and clients through my journey. The opportunities to work with other solo entrepreneurs has opened my eyes to a new way of business, a new way of life that I never knew before. Working with people who have a passion for helping and serving others through their business is beyond gratifying. 


Needless to say, I didn't get here easily. I prayed A TON, met amazing people that pushed me and surrounded myself with uplifting people. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have that strong group of people that lift you up and support you. I know that I couldn't have started this whole thing without all of those things. I am forever grateful.