5 Fonts to Use on Your Next Project


We all know that finding the perfect font is hard, right?

I’m here to tell you that you're not alone! It's even hard for designers to choose the perfect font; the one that encompasses the character and personality of your brand. That’s why today, I am showing you 5 good-looking (and totally free) fonts to use on your next project.

I generally use programs like TypeKit because it comes with my Creative Cloud membership and I can usually find fonts that work for the project at hand. In the case that I cannot, I head over to Google Fonts. Google Fonts are free and available for you to use; just make sure to always read the “Open Font License” or “OFL” text document that is included in your download. This will tell you specifically where and how you can use the font.

Here are 5 Google Fonts that I love:

1 :: Prata is an amazingly elegant serif font. The thick and thin stroke weight and contrast in each letter can provide a top-notch, professional looking header.


2 :: Montserrat is a simple yet beautifully crafted sans serif font. The fact that it has over 15 different weights makes this font super versatile! That means, it can be used for headers, sub headers, or body copy.


3 :: Crimson Text is an old style serif with influences from Garamond and Baskerville (some of my old-time favorites). It's a gorgeous font that allows for use as body copy or headers.


4 :: Bitter is a font that I just stumbled upon recently. I always love a good Slab Serif; this one has a slight variation in stroke weight and a contemporary feel to it. It was intended to be a text font (for print, body copy, etc.) but is also legible on devices, which makes it another versatile font.


5 :: Source Serif Pro is a unique serif. It has character, personality and a unique variation of stroke contrast throughout each letter. This one will compliment nicely with the rest of its family: Source Sans Pro.


What are your favorite fonts to use for your brand?