Breaking away from cookie-cutter logos and unpurposeful branding starts with an intentional plan

I totally get it–you're a newly passionate solo entrepreneur that wants to create a brand full of purpose. I believe that there isn't a one-size-fits-all style of branding; it takes intentional planning to dig down to the "why" behind your business.


Hi, I'm Heather!

In a time where cookie-cutter logos are dominating the solo entrepreneur branding world, it’s hard to know where to turn for help. Those logos may look pretty, and you may love it, but is it truly attracting your ideal client and what THEY are looking for? I’m here to help with that! My design approach is purposeful and process oriented–I lay out a simple, step-by-step, brand discovery process.

 It wasn’t until senior year of high school that I found my true passion. A passion that had so many opportunities that I didn’t even know they all existed until now! After receiving my degree in graphic design, I pursued advertising and marketing positions but still wasn’t feeling my creative juices pumping. So, while working full-time, I became like you–a newly passionate, solo entrepreneur! I knew the world needed good, purposeful design, so I started my journey working on projects that fueled my passion. I started working with and meeting people what are SO inspiring and SO passionate that I knew I wanted to help them in any way I could to create purposeful, intentional branding that they (and their ideal client) would love.

One thing I love about working with you (the solo entrepreneur) is building a lasting relationship in hopes of continuing that relationship even after my work for your brand is complete. Basically, I want to be friends. Is that cool?

The simple things:

  • I love serving the world with humor and laughter and I love a good joke. 
  • Most often, you can find me cuddled up on the couch with my husband and two fur babies, drinking coffee and binge-watching terrible B movies OR hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • I am mostly known (and people often refer to me) as being an obsessed cat-mom.
  • I am a wannabe traveler–I am obsessed with nature, it's raw beauty, and its simplicity.
  • I love building community and meeting inspiring and passionate people.

Let's be friends?

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